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Edify Energy & Siemens Secure Funding for Green Hydrogen Production

Edify Energy and Siemens Energy have been awarded conditional grants by ARENA and BMBF’s joint initiative ‘HyGate’ towards their 17.5 MW electrolyser plant producing reliable source of green hydrogen for domestic use throughout Northern Queensland as part 1 GW global export plan via Port Townsville expansion. The project is expected to create new job opportunities, enable industries of all sizes to transition away from traditional fossil fuels, and support the commercial viability of renewable hydrogen.

ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) is a federal government agency responsible for accelerating Australia’s shift to an affordable and reliable renewable energy future. ARENA works with stakeholders to invest in renewable energy technologies and increase the supply of renewable energy in Australia. ARENA is supporting the HyGATE initiative to bring together Australian and German technology and innovation.

BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) is a German government ministry responsible for research, education, higher education, and innovation. BMBF is working with Project Management Jülich (PtJ) to implement HyGATE on behalf of BMBF. Australia and Germany have committed up to AU$50 million and €50 million respectively, to invest in new renewable hydrogen projects.

EGH2: Edify’s Green Hydrogen Project

Edify’s Green Hydrogen Project (EGH2) at Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct will deploy a 17.5 MW Siemens Energy electrolyser with 21 MW of integrated solar & battery energy storage system to produce a reliable source of green hydrogen for domestic use throughout Northern Queensland. The project is the first stage of a planned 1 GW green hydrogen production facility that will export hydrogen globally through the Port of Townsville.

Northern Queensland is perfectly positioned to produce and supply green hydrogen to both domestic and global markets. With an ideal geographic location, an abundance of sunshine, and access to water supply, EGH2 is well located near the Port of Townsville which is executing a $1.5B expansion supporting future export of green hydrogen to global markets.

Government Targets & Community Sentiment

The funding will help secure the supply of Green Hydrogen in Northern Queensland to enable industries of all sizes to transition away from traditional fossil fuels. Aligned with strong community sentiment, along with Local, State and Federal Government emission reduction targets, Edify and Siemens Energy will partner with four universities and research institutes (two in Australia and two in Germany) who are world leaders in clean technologies and their related markets and supply chains.

The research will support the commercial viability of renewable hydrogen, contribute to forming a basis for the development of an Australian-German supply chain for renewable hydrogen, and encourage cross country collaboration and knowledge sharing between Australian and German organisations.